Keeping Children Safe

At Parkview Nursery School we aim to provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment for all, where children not only fulfil their potential but also learn to respect and value both themselves and others. We strive to establish and maintain an ethos where children feel safe,secure and are encouraged to talk and are listened to.

This is achieved by giving the children a voice, respecting them, involving them, responding to them and through teaching them about their rights.

We include planned activities and opportunities for P.S.E. which equip children with the skills they need to stay safe from abuse and prepare them for adult life.

The staff at Parkview recognise that for children, good friendships and lines of communication with a trusted adult help prevention, especially for those at risk of, or suffering from abuse.


The staff at Parkview Nursery School are in a good position to keep a watchful eye on children and their safety and to protect them from abuse and neglect. If they have concerns they must inform the designated safeguarding lead for Child Protection, Miss Hughes immediately or, in her absence, Mrs Barrett. If necessary, they will make a referral to Children’s Services to ensure the well-being of a pupil is safeguarded.

All referrals will be made through Cumbria’s Safeguarding Hub. Advice on whether to refer will also be sought.


Safeguarding Hub

0333 240 1727


Anybody with a concern about a child in Cumbria can contact Cumbria Safeguarding Hub on this single number.

As always, but especially with regard to safeguarding, if you would like to discuss any matter with a member of staff, please call in, telephone or email us.


Roles and Responsibilities


The designated person with responsibility for safeguarding is:

Miss Rhiannon Hughes
From November 2023 to July 2024 - Mrs Sheila Barrett (acting headteacher covering Maternity Leave)

The deputy designated person with responsibility for safeguarding is:

Miss Emily Mason

Safeguarding children is a collective responsibility for the whole of the Governing Body. Every school should have a Nominated Governor for Safeguarding/Child Protection, in this school it is:

Mrs Diane O'Brien

The governor with the responsibility for safer recruitment is:

Mrs Shelagh Cloudsdale and Mrs Diane O'Brien

In addition the school will fully comply with national and local statutory duties and guidance. At Parkview Nursery School we adhere to Cumbria Safeguarding Children's Partnership (CSCP) procedures:


Safeguarding is a high priority at Parkview.

Please click on this link for a copy of our full Safeguarding Policy & Child Protection Policy 2023.docx

A copy of our Policy for Supporting pupils with Medical Conditions can also be found using the link below: for Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2023.docx

Our Health and Safety Policy can be found using the following link: and Safety Policy Arrangements part 2 - March 2023.docx

A copy of our Online Safety Policy can be found using the following link: Safety Policy Oct 2023.docx

Ofsted Report September 2019

‘Staff are very good at keeping the children safe, the safeguarding and protection of children are extremely important to them'



Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility -

Help us to keep all our children safe.


Parent information about how to keep your child safe online:

Amazon Prime


Youtube kids

Parkview Aims:

  • To ensure all children are given equal opportunity to achieve their full potential through an education based on their individual needs
  • To scaffold and inspire children's learning with careful consideration given to their interests nurturing them in all areas of learning
  • To provide each and every child with a joyful, stimulating environment which includes rich outdoor learning
  • To celebrate each individual’s achievements through praise each and every day
  • To encourage each individual at Parkview to care for their community and environment


Parkview Values:

  • Happiness and Wellbeing – promoting a kind, positive and respectful environment
  • Health and Self-worth – promoting a healthy, mindful attitude towards life for children and families
  • Nurture - promoting a caring, considerate environment that supports our families
  • Environment – promoting curiosity, awe and wonder at the world through stimulating, challenging activities and resources


Parkview Vision:

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve at Parkview Nursery School:

  • To provide a welcoming, nurturing environment in which children feel safe to take risks
  • To create an environment in which our children, families and staff feel respected and listened to
  • To help all children to prepare for a bright future

Parkview Nursery School – ‘Inspiring young hearts, bodies and minds’.


Opening times

8.45 to 3.30 Monday to Friday (term time only)