Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

Parkview Nursery School is committed to supporting all children to achieve their full potential regardless of their background. Our school aims of enriching every child’s learning and experiences to create confident, capable and independent learners sum up our vision for all children.

Research has shown that children who come from households with lower incomes are more likely to make less progress. To enable the school to improve outcomes for these children we receive a small amount of additional funding per disadvantaged pupil, this is known as the Early Years Pupil Premium.

This document illustrates how the EYPP allocation was used last year and our strategy for the current year.


Early Years Pupil Premium Expenditure and Impact 2016-17

Number of children and EYPP received

Total Children on roll in July 2017


Total Number of pupils eligible for EYPP in July 2017


Amount of EYPP received for year 2016-17


How funding was spent​

Nurture Group

Free school meals 

Resources – home learning bags for fine motor skills 

Extra sessions to support parents attending parenting groups in partnership with Millom Children’s Centre and to support families with social care involvement.

Extra staffing to support a small group of children with language activities

Extra staffing to enable educational visits to Millerbeck Steam Railway


Carry forward 










Impact of funding

The children’s progress was used to measure the impact of the funding.  

ARE = Age related expectations



ARE or above on entry

ARE or above on exit


Personal, Social & Emotional Development




Communication & Language




Physical Development



Early Years Pupil Premium strategy 2017-18

Early Years Pupil Premium Allocation for 2017-18
EYPP funding is allocated to the school termly following the information provided by parents to the school being checked by the Local Authority for eligibility. Funding amounts are usually confirmed about half way through each term.
Based on the number of children submitted for eligibility the annual amount will be slightly less than last year although we have £300 to carry forward. So a best estimate would be £4000

Barriers to Educational Achievement
High quality early years provision with a strong focus on the Prime Areas of Learning is crucial for all pupils but particularly those who have experienced disadvantage in early life. We will use the funding to support disadvantaged pupils to make good progress whatever their starting points. This includes more able children who are entitled to EYPP.
As our numbers of children eligible for EYPP are relatively small we consider on an individual basis what their barriers to learning are and plan to support them accordingly.
Common barriers which have been identified are:
  • Lack of support at home due to time and available resources
  • Behavioural and emotional issues
  • Communication and language difficulties
  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Turbulent or changing family circumstances
How we plan to spend our EYPP
This year we plan to spend the EYPP funding on:
  • Running a weekly ‘Nurture Group’ for identified children which will give children the opportunity to learn in a smaller group focusing on building children’s confidence and social development and Communication development
  • Extend the range of resources that we send home for parents to use to support home learning including ‘Funky Finger ‘and Maths bags.
  • Provide eligible children who attend nursery all day with a free school meal.
  • Work in partnership with Millom Children’s Centre to enable parents to attend the Solihull Parenting Program and access individual family support when needed.
  • Implement Early Help when needed, attend ‘Team around the Family’ meetings and follow through any actions identified
  • Provide opportunities to go on a range of educational visits
Measuring the impact
We will monitor the impact of this strategy by ensuring that all pupils eligible for EYPP are clearly identified in our progress tracking system and monitor their achievements as a group compared to other entitled children attending the other nursery schools in Cumbria.
Key Persons are also made aware of which children in their group are eligible to EYPP to enable them to monitor their progress closely

We will review this strategy in September 2018


Our Vision:

Our Vision at Parkview is to encourage every individual to

  • walk their own path
  • build their own bridge
  • climb their own mountain

in order to fulfil their potential in life and learning


As a Local Authority Maintained Nursery School we offer:

  • 3 year old funded places (15 hours a week)
  • 3 year old funded places for working parents (up to 30 hours a week)
  • Flexible sessions which can be used over a full day if wished
  • Parents can pay for additional sessions if wished
  • Hot lunches
  • Resourced Provision for children with Special Educational Needs


We work closely with Stepping Stones Nursery next door who can provide wrap around and holiday provision for children attending Parkview Nursery.