Parent/Children's Comments


Parent's Comments

"The staff are all very friendly and make you feel welcome."

"I know my son is safe and well looked after."

"My son has made so much progress while he has been there."

"My daughter has become more confident and independent."

"She loves coming and will often ask at the weekend, when is Monday coming?"

"Bethany has progressed so well in her speaking and writing, she has made so many new friends, we couldn’t have asked for more."

"Isla has come so far because of this fantastic school."

"I feel quite emotional that my son is leaving. However due to the care and learning he has received at Parkview I know he is ready for the next part of his learning journey."

"Thank you for the wonderful care and support you have shown Will, he has blossomed so much and his confidence has grown hugely. He has been given a wealth of opportunity to experience a whole range of new activities, ideas and experiences."


Children's Comments


What have you enjoyed most?

"Sharing ideas"

"Making boats and building towers with bricks"

"Playing with my friends"

"I love the climbing frame."

"I like singing time."

"I like the whole nursery ever!"


What have you learnt at nursery?

"It’s good to share things"

"How to do a roly-poly on the rope"

"To be good"

"I learned about butterflies, caterpillars, frogs and earwigs-they have sharp strikes at the end of their bottom."


How does coming to nursery make you feel?


"Really excited"



Parkview Aims:

  • To ensure all children are given equal opportunity to achieve their full potential through an education based on their individual needs
  • To scaffold and inspire children's learning with careful consideration given to their interests nurturing them in all areas of learning
  • To provide each and every child with a joyful, stimulating environment which includes rich outdoor learning
  • To celebrate each individual’s achievements through praise each and every day
  • To encourage each individual at Parkview to care for their community and environment


Parkview Values:

  • Happiness and Wellbeing – promoting a kind, positive and respectful environment
  • Health and Self-worth – promoting a healthy, mindful attitude towards life for children and families
  • Nurture - promoting a caring, considerate environment that supports our families
  • Environment – promoting curiosity, awe and wonder at the world through stimulating, challenging activities and resources


Parkview Vision:

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve at Parkview Nursery School:

  • To provide a welcoming, nurturing environment in which children feel safe to take risks
  • To create an environment in which our children, families and staff feel respected and listened to
  • To help all children to prepare for a bright future

Parkview Nursery School – ‘Inspiring young hearts, bodies and minds’.


Opening times

8.45 to 3.30 Monday to Friday (term time only)