Week commencing 10th February 2020
Mon -Chicken noodles and veg, fruit sponge
Tues - Fish fingers, chips and beans, Jelly and ice cream
Wed - Mince , mash veg and crusty bread, banana sponge
Thurs - roast chicken dinner, fruit crunch
Fri - Macaroni cheese with veg, yoghurt

Week commencing 24th February 2020
Mon - Pasta bake, sweetcorn and crusty bread, sponge and custard
Tues- Sausage, mash, veg and gravy, jelly and cream
Wed- Mild chicken curry, rice and veg. Crumble and custard
Thurs- Roast beef dinner, shortbread and milkshake
Fri- Fish,chips and beans, yoghurt

Week commencing 2nd March 2020
Mon - Chicken and veg pie, square potatoes and veg. Fruity flapjack
Tues - Lasange, crusty bread and veg, chocolate sponge and custard
Wed- Pork mince, past and veg, rice pudding and jam
Thurs - Roast pork dinner, lemon sponge and sliced oranges
Fri - Fish cake, chips and beans, banana sponge

Week commencing 9th March 2020
Mon - Burger in a bun, wedges and beans
Tues - Cottage pie, veg and gravy, angel delight
Wed - Chciken noodles and veg, cookie and milkshake
Thurs - Roast chicken dinner, sponge and custard
Fri - Fish fingers, chips and peas, cheese , crackers and fruit

Week commencing 16th March 2020
same menu as 24th February

Week commencing 23rd March 2020
same menu as 2nd March

Yoghurts, fruit,  or cheese and biscuits available each day. 
Filled jacket potatoes ; cheese, tuna, beans available each day
Filled baguettes ; cheese, salad, ham, tuna available each day
Thursday is always a roast, and Friday is always fish 



Our Vision:

Our Vision at Parkview is to encourage every individual to

  • walk their own path
  • build their own bridge
  • climb their own mountain

in order to fulfil their potential in life and learning


As a Local Authority Maintained Nursery School we offer:

  • 3 year old funded places (15 hours a week)
  • 3 year old funded places for working parents (up to 30 hours a week)
  • Flexible sessions which can be used over a full day if wished
  • Parents can pay for additional sessions if wished
  • Hot lunches
  • Resourced Provision for children with Special Educational Needs


We work closely with Stepping Stones Nursery next door who can provide wrap around and holiday provision for children attending Parkview Nursery.