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22nd February 18
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Health and Wellbeing

Parkview Nursery is a Smile4life school, we are committed to improving the oral health of children and young people. The programme develops solid foundations for good oral health through out life.
The Smile4life programme works through 4 tooth awards covering healthy eating and drinking, regular tooth brushing, promotion of healthy life styles and visiting the dentist.
Tooth decay is caused by frequent consumption of foods and drinks containing sugar. Keeping sugary foods to mealtimes is an effective way to reduce tooth decay and help children grow up without the pain and distress this can cause.
We promote healthy eating at snack time by providing sugar free/healthy food and milk and water for drinks.
We would therefore kindly ask parents to not bring in bottles, dummies, sweets, cakes and fizzy drinks.
Amanda Macdonald is the oral support champion for smile4life in nursery. Please contact her if you need any advice or support.
Thank you for your support

The children have been learning about healthy eating through growing their own fruit and vegetables. Here they are harvesting their crops.